Charter of Corporate Governance

HLB will establish the right direction of management by enacting the Corporate Governance Charter,
share values with customers, shareholders, executives, and employees, and become a more trusted company.

ESG Ratings (Korea Institute of Corporate
Governance and Sustainability)
Category 2020 2021 2022
Total C B -
Environment D B -
Society B   B+ -
Governance C B -
Comparison with
Best Practices
Recommendation Acceptance Note
Introduction of Corporate Governance Charter 2021.02.28
Introduction of ethics regulations for executives and employees 2019
Composition of Board of Directors (majority of outside directors) X 7 inside, 3 outside
Separation between the CEO and the chairman of the board of directors X -
Disclosure of the details of activities of the board of directors, attendance rate, and pros and cons of major agenda items -
An intensive voting system X -
Composition of outside director candidate recommendation committee X -
Composition of compensation committee X -
Formation of an audit committee (all outside directors) X -
Introduction of regulations on the roles and operating procedures of the board of directors and various committees 2021.08.25
Director's liability insurance at the company's expense Directors & Officers Liability (annual)
Evaluation of the activities of the board of directors -
Maintaining independence of external auditors -
Certification of accuracy and completeness of financial reporting by the Representative Director and Financial Officer -
Description of differences from the criteria Website
Violation of the law

(unit: KRW)

Sort 2019 2020 2021
Environmental law
Penalty - - -
No. of violations - - -
Unfair transaction (including corruption and bribery) Penalty - - -
No. of violations - - -
Regulations related to domestic marketing activities Penalty - - -
No. of violations - - -
Customer information protection Penalty - - -
No. of violations - - -
Product information provision notice Penalty - - -
No. of violations - - -
Regulations related to counterfeit products Penalty - - -
No. of violations - - -
Clinical trial regulations in developing countries Penalty - - -
No. of violations - - -
Regulations of the Act on the Health and
Safety Impact of Products and Services and
No. of cases in violation of autonomous regulations
Penalty - - -
No. of violations - - -