2045 Net-Zero Roadmap

In response to the climate crisis, HLB unveiled the "2045 Carbon Neutral Roadmap," five years ahead of the government's low-carbon development goal of "2050 Carbon Neutral." Starting with the establishment of a greenhouse gas inventory, we are developing step-by-step reduction plans such as securing carbon emission rights through voluntary carbon emission markets, installing Roof-PV (solar cell module), achieving K-EV100, signing Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), and securing Renewable Energy Certificate (REC).

  • - Construct solar power
    - Declare TCFD
    - Join CDP
    - Declare Net Zero
    - Secure carbon credits
    - Achieve a bronze rating
       from EcoVadis

  • - Join RE100
    - Join SMI
    - Join SBTi
    - Achieve a silver rating
       from EcoVadis

  • - Join Frontier 1.5D
    - Achieve 50% Net Zero,
    - Achieve a gold rating
       from EcoVadis

  • - Achieve 100%
       Net Zero, RE100

Short-term objective(~2030)

Solar power generation

• Install Roof PV at all sites

Renewable Energy Certificates (REC)

• Target 20% of REC in 2030

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

• Target 30% PPA in 2030

Medium and long-term objective (~2045)


• Target 100% transition to electric
     vehicles in 2030

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

• Target LCA of all products in 2040

Green Office

• Establish low-carbon office space
     focused on energy efficiency

2022 Net-Zero
GHG Emissions


Carbon Offsets