Management Policy

In order to establish an anti-corruption management system and
establish ethical management and compliance management
to grow healthy in various relationships and fulfill social roles and
responsibilities, HLB discloses its anti-corruption management policy as follows

  • Chapter 1. General rule

    HLB complies with domestic and international laws and regulations regarding the prevention of corruption and does not commit any corruption.

  • Chapter 2. Bribery prohibition

    HLB strictly prohibits various corrupt activities such as receiving or demanding bribes from business stakeholders, giving bribes, or making illegal solicitation.

  • Chapter 3. Establishment of Corruption Prevention System

    HLB will establish and operate an effective management system to prevent and minimize various corruption activities and continue to improve them.

  • Chapter 4. Anti-Corruption and Compliance Pledge to All Members

    All members of HLB will comply with all internal regulations operating in accordance with this Anti-Corruption Management Policy and will regularly sign and adhere to the Anti-Corruption and Compliance Pledge.

  • Chapter 5. Appointment of Anti-Corruption Compliance Officer

    HLB appoints an Anti-Corruption Compliance Officer for transparent and effective anti-corruption management to ensure independent status and grant the necessary authority and responsibilities to prevent corruption.

  • Chapter 6. Protection of rights to informants of corruption

    HLB keeps the personal information of informants related to corruption strictly confidential and protects them from being disadvantaged by reporting if the informant is an employee.

  • Chapter 7. Disciplinary action against corruption

    HLB shall take appropriate action, such as disciplinary action, if a member violates laws and regulations related to corruption or fails to take reasonable measures to prevent such violation.