Author : adminDate : 2020-04-10 17:16

Immunomic Therapeutics, EPIVAX, Pharmajet Bundle for COVID-19 vaccine development

- Agreement of COVID-19 Vaccine Joint Development


According to a foreign press reported at 5 o'clock in the morning, three American bio companies, Immunomic Therapeutics (IT), Epivax and Pharmajet have agreed to jointly develop a COVID-19 vaccine.


* article link: https://url.kr/KDygcB


-UNITE, an immunotherapy vaccine platform from IT, which is recognized as the best company in the vaccine field, is combined with

- Epivax's algorithm and

- Pharmajet's delivery technology.


Dr. Anne De Groot, the founder and CEO of Epivax, said, "We expect to see very strong preventative and therapeutic effects when we combine epitopes found using algorithms based on Epivax's informatics with UNITE of IT."


In the recent COVID-19 vaccine development race, most vaccine developers are based on standard nucleic acid technology, but UNITE contains the elements of MHC-II, which is a very important factor in vaccine development with a strong memory response.


Epivax is a computational vaccinology company with a unique virus- targeting technology.

In other words, it finds the optimal antigenic determinant linked to MHC and combines it with UNITE.


Pharmajet is a drug delivery company that has a needle-free injection system and finds the optimal location for immune cell drug delivery.


IT will begin basic testing soon after completing the vaccine design, and clinical trials in humans will begin later this year.