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Updates on COVID-19 Vaccine Development from Immunomic Therapeutics

1. Immunomic Therapeutics (IT), which HLB invested and contracted to acquire as a subsidiary, was selected as the best Therapeutic vaccine company at <World Vaccine Congress> in 2018, which is the world's most prestigious vaccine field competition. Even after that, it has a growing presence in the field of vaccines with being selected as the best company candidate every year.


2. Based on the company's immune vaccine platform, Universal Intracellular Targeted Expression (UNITE), a glioblastoma FDA phase 2 clinical trial is currently underway with 90% of Progress and it is expected to be completed and announced later this year.


3. UNITE is a platform that treats diseases by generating a strong immune response against cancer, allergies, and other infectious diseases. We transferred the UNITE-based allergy treatment to Astellas Pharma, which received $ 315 million as an upfront with no obligation to return, and expects milestone and royalty following commercialization.


About the background and status of COVID-19 vaccine development


1) IT is the world's most recognized vaccine-related company.

2) UNITE proved to have higher efficacy than SARS, and this can be confirmed through a paper published in Nature.

3) Therefore, IT already has a platform technology that can be quickly applied to COVID-19, which is estimated to be a variant of SARS.

4) Currently, numerous biotech companies in the US that have entered the development of COVID-19 vaccine are vaccines based on Standard Nucleic Acid, but IT contains MHC-II elements and has a strong immune memory response. It can be said that UNITE is the most suitable solution as a vaccine candidate technology. Safety has already been verified by FDA and PMDA.

5) We have secured several types of vaccine designs to make COVID-19 vaccine, and clinical designs will be completed in a few weeks. The formulation is under development, and Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control (CMC) has been confirmed.

6) Based on the current progress, clinical trials for humans will begin later this year.

7) COVID-19 is not the only problem. As the trade becomes more active and the world's connections become stronger, strains of the virus will appear more often and stronger. IT, which has the strongest vaccine platform that responds to the emergence of new viruses, will make progress in vaccine development, keeping in mind that it will not interfere with the successful development of brain tumor treatment drugs that are currently focused on.


News about vaccine development will be updated from time to time through the website.


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